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My name is Léon van Delden, the owner of Preserved Nature. My journey in this industry began in my younger years when I contributed to my father's enterprise, 'Westplant.' These early experiences gave me an enduring interest in the art of preserving natural greenery.

In November 2016, I embarked on my own entrepreneurial endeavor, founding Preserved Nature. Since then, I have successfully executed numerous captivating projects featuring preserved plants, trees, green walls, and flowers. To explore more about the potential of preserved products in general, I invite you to take a look at our main website, at Here, you will discover a gallery of inspiring photos and detailed information about the remarkable projects I have had the privilege of undertaking.

Throughout the years, my fascination with bonsai trees has been growing. This passion has driven me to devote countless hours to perfecting the art of preserved bonsai trees. This webshop is solely dedicated to showing and offering customers the beautiful world of preserved bonsai trees.

Léon van Delden


Years ago, I discovered some preserved products hidden away in my parents' loft from the days of Westplant. Among these preserved products was a stunningly preserved juniperus bonsai tree. This particular bonsai tree has ensured the revival of Pseudoxif - a part of Westplant, but under a new identity—Preserved Nature.


Since embarking on my journey with Preserved Nature, I have devoted significant time and effort to the art of working with preserved bonsai trees, constantly striving to perfect my craft. The inspiration behind this webshop, exclusively dedicated to preserved bonsai trees, comes from my personal admiration for these miniature masterpieces.


Traditional living bonsai trees demand care and maintenance, often taking decades to attain a modest size. In contrast, preserved bonsai trees offer the best of both worlds—a bonsai tree that mirrors the appearance of its living counterparts while requiring none of the maintenance.

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