My name is Léon van Delden, owner of Preserved Nature. My father used to own Westplant and part of Westplant was a company called Pseudofix. Pseudofix handled the preserved products of Westplant. Ever since helping in my father's company as a kid, I fell in love with the preserved plants and trees. In November of 2016, I've started Preserved Nature and since then I've done many beautiful projects with preserved plants, trees, moss and flowers. If you want to see the possibilities with preserved products, please visit the main website https://www.preservednature.com/. Here you'll find photos and information about projects I've done in the past. 

For years I've been very interested in bonsai trees. For years I've been working on preserved bonsai trees and trying to perfect my craft. That's why I've started this webshop next to my other project, focussing solely on preserved bonsai trees.

Léon van Delden Preserved Nature


Years ago I found some preserved products, that were stashed in my parents' loft after Westplant. One of them was a beautifully preserved juniperus bonsai tree. This bonsai tree became one of the most important reasons to re-open Pseudoxif, but under a new name: Preserved Nature. For years after starting Preserved Nature I've been working with preserved bonsai trees, trying to perfect my craft. I've started this webshop dedicate to preserved bonsai trees, because I personally love bonsai trees.


Living bonsai trees need a lot of care and maintenance and it will take tens of years to have a medium-sized bonsai tree. Now with preserved bonsai trees, you can have the best of both worlds: a bonsai tree that will not be distinguished from living ones and it won't need any maintenance!

That's why I love - and believe in the benefits of - preserved bonsai trees.