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This bonsai is not available anymore.

This bonsai tree named Kanryō, meaning 'complete' in Japanese. This bonsai tree had it all, beautiful groomed junipers leaves, an authentic Japanese unglazed ceramic bonsai pot and everlasting beauty. Truly the complete package. This preserved bonsai tree was ordered bespoke by one of our clients. 


The best part about preserved bonsai trees? In contrast to living bonsai trees, preserved bonsai trees don't need any water, sunlight, or other maintenance. 100% natural, 0% maintenance.

Kanryō | Juniperus Bonsai

Excluding VAT
  • Height: approx. 60 centimeters

    Weight: 6.5 kilograms

    Full dimensions: 40 x 45 x 60 centimeters (L x W x H)

    Pot: This bonsai tree is placed in an unglazed ceramic bonsai pot


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