Frequently asked questions

Do preserved products need maintenance?

After the preserving process preserved products don't need any maintenance anymore, only occasional dusting. Preserved products don't need water, sunlight or grooming. The bonsai trees will stay the same for years to come. Just make sure that your product... ... is not placed in a location where temperature is lower than 10°C (or 50 °F); ... is not placed in a location where humidity is higher than 70%; ... doesn't get wet; ... is not crushed; ... is not in direct and close lighting from sun or lamps;

What happens during the preservation process?

Preserving trees is not a complicated process. The trees and plants are grown on special plantantions, where the plants are pruned and taken into a very hot room. In this room the bottoms om the trees are placed into a mixture of two liquids: glycerine and color pigment. Because of the heat, the water in the plants evaporates and the tree takes in the two liquids into their cells. This way the tree preserves itself as it were. So there are no dangerous cemicals used in the preserving process. A living natural tree is only been preserved into a lasting natural tree.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, because we can transport worldwide. If you cannot find your country in the standard, please contact us with your adress details and the product you are interested in. This way we reserve the desired product and make a custom order for you by mail, including transportation.